Powering the bright minds

of tomorrow

Upily was born from a simple idea;

to make learning accessible and enjoyable for children worldwide.

Our team of education and technology experts has been committed to developing the best learning platform for kids aged 2-8, helping them acquire essential skills for a brighter future.


Fueling curiosity and creativity

We realize the importance of cultivating curiosity and creativity in children. Our app encourages them to explore new concepts and engage with content at their own pace, allowing them to develop essential life skills while having fun.

Collaborative learning for a wholesome experience

Upily's content is designed with collaboration in mind, enabling parents and teachers to join in on the learning journey. Together, you can track your child's progress and celebrate their achievements, creating a strong foundation for their lifelong education.


Join us in reimagining learning and giving your child the opportunity to reach for the stars!


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